Move to Plain Language Emergency System Jan 1   
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Move to Plain Language Emergency System Jan 1

What you need to know

Beginning January 1, 2019, Hackensack Meridian Health hospitals will begin using Plain Language Emergency Alerts in place of the traditional “Code Blue” or “Code Orange” alerts.*  Emergency management teams will begin training and educating relevant team members in the coming weeks.

4 steps for reporting an emergency

  1. State the alert type: For example, "Facility Alert," "Security Alert," or "Medical Alert"  
  2. State the event type: For example, "Fire," "Active Shooter," or "Cardiac Emergency"
  3. State the specific location: For example, "Emergency Waiting Room," or "3rd Floor East."
  4. Provide specific instructions, if necessary: For example, "Avoid the area." 
Once the emergency situation has been resolved, an all-clear will be announced.

Why we're implementing this change

Up to 40 percent of physicians work in multiple facilities with different code systems. Using plain language codes enables physicians and temporary staff to immediately understand the situation. 

For more information 

Please contact Scott Skrivanek at *This date for the change to Plain Language Emergency Alerts includes all HMH hospitals excluding Mountainside Medical Center and Pascack Valley Medical Center. More information on timing for those two hospitals, specifically, will be forthcoming.  
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