Tenecteplase in Acute Ischemic Stroke AIS   
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Tenecteplase in Acute Ischemic Stroke AIS

 Alteplase (tPA) will no longer be used for AIS, but will be available for other indications.


  • Tenecteplase was added as an option for thrombolytic therapy in AIS in the 2019 AHA Guideline Update.
  • Tenecteplase is given as a single IV bolus while alteplase is an IV bolus PLUS an infusion.
  • Studies have shown that tenecteplase has comparable neurological outcomes and adverse event occurrences when compared to alteplase in AIS. 


  • 0.25 mg/kg (Max 25 mg) IV bolus over 5 seconds 
  • Administer within 4.5 hours of symptom onset 


  • May be ordered by an emergency physician, teleneurologist, advanced practice provider or hospitalist
  • May be initiated in the ED, any critical care unit, or in a telemetry-monitored bed with monitoring by a critical care nurse 


1. Open patient’s profile 
2. Click Manage Orders tab and type in search bar “tenecteplase” 
3. Click Thrombolytic Therapy for Ischemic Stroke 
4. Click Tenecteplase and check appropriate weight-based dosing 


  • Patients should be monitored for BP > 180/105, O2 saturation <94%, change in mental status, new or severe headache, seizures, any signs of symptoms of bleeding, or nausea/vomiting. 
  • No antiplatelets or anticoagulants x 24 hours after administration of tenecteplase. 
  • Avoid central lines, nasogastric tube placements, or urinary catheter placement in the first 24 hours after tenecteplase. 


For thrombolytic-related symptomatic intracranial hemorrhage in patients who have received tenecteplase in the previous 24 hours:

  • First Line: Cryoprecipitate 10 units; check fibrinogen and may repeat dose if fibrinogen < 200 mg/dL
  • Alternative Agents: 
    • Aminocaproic acid (Amicar) 5 g in 250 mL NS IV over 1 hour followed by 1 g/hr infusion until bleeding controlled, or 
    • Tranexamic acid 10-15 mg/kg in 100 mL NS IV over 20 minutes 
  • Labs: Monitor fibrinogen levels and platelets 
  • Transfusion: May consider platelet transfusion, however, there is insufficient data supporting the benefit
  • Coagulation Effects: Time to normal coagulation activity after drug administration is 24-48 hours 


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