Patient Praise   

HMH Patient Praise

The excerpts below are from patients of Hackensack Meridian Health and highlight the exceptional care provided by our physicians across various specialties and locations.

Genuinely Exceptional Care

Dr. Johnson Miller
Dr. Denise Johnson Miller, PA, MA

Dr. Johnson Miller, PA, MA and entire department staff at Hope Tower has top-notch skills, outstanding knowledge, and offers genuine exceptional care.

They displayed patience, concern, support, encouragement, care, kindness, and professionalism. They made me feel safe and secure while in their care.

God certainly gave me a blessing when he led me to this particular doctor and staff. I am so thankful and greatly appreciative!”


Top-Notch Skills and Prodigious Knowledge

Dr. Johnson Miller
Dr. Denise Johnson Miller, PA, MA

“I can’t thank this doctor and the department staff enough for their top-notch skills, prodigious knowledge, and genuine care. From the very first phone call, they guided me through my difficult situation. Every question was answered, every detail discussed, and any concerns were laid to rest regarding many aspects (not only medical but personal aspects in life that become affected from a diagnosis) with patience, concern, support, encouragement, care, kindness, and professionalism. This continued through the entire process to recovery.

Dr. Johnson Miller, PA, MA, and everyone in the department staff at Hope Tower made me feel completely safe and secure while in their exceptional care.”


Dr. Bauer Saved My Life

Dr. Thomas Bauer 
Thomas Bauer, M.D.

Dr. Bauer saved my life. I feel I was living on borrowed time. Dr. Bauer separated both organs (my lung from my heart), removed some of my lung due to cancer, and gave me a few more years of life.

Dr. Bauer and his staff are very knowledgeable, ready to answer any questions and put your mind at ease.

Dr. Bauer is very approachable and an expert professional in what he does. I owe my life to Dr. Bauer. I am blessed.”

- Anonymous

We Couldn’t Have Asked for a Better Team

Dr. Arunima Sarkar 
Arunima Sarkar, M.D.

“Dear Dr. Sarkar:

When first you and I met in May, 2018 and you approached me in Lila’s hospital room in Hackensack as to the appropriateness that you felt Lisa was in need of, I never realized the extent pf her condition and terminality for this particular foresight on your part i want to thank you.

I wanted you to know that we couldn’t have asked for a better team of professionals to have cared for Lila.

Their level of care, compassion and concern is a tribute to your organizations training and understanding of what hospice is all about. And for this i want to thank you so very much.

We all started on Lila’s journey together. Though i have personally expressed many thanks I feel you should also know how appreciative I am for what you and Hackensack Hospice did in making Lila’s voyage as comfortable as possible under these circumstances.”

- Anonymous

Dr. Corzo is Great Doctor

Dr. Jorge Corzo 
Jorge Corzo, M.D.

“Dr. Corzo is great doctor. You will not walk out of his office questioning yourself on choosing wrong. He is highly intelligent, and will make you feel confident.

If you are looking for a doctor with a good bed side manner you will have that too.

Can’t forget the staff. They will always make sure to go that next step, and make sure your needs are taken care of as soon as they can.”

- Anonymous

Thank You Doesn’t Seem Quite Enough

Phillip Woodham 
Philip Woodham, M.D.

“Thank you doesn’t seem quite enough to express the appreciation you deserve. Your wit, wisdom, your medical knowledge, and expertise makes every visit an enjoyable experience. You are held in high esteem by colleagues and patients. Your reputation is golden and proceeds you in the best way.

You are an asset to your profession and medical community. The world is surely a better place with you in it.

I am hoping the holiday seasons now and to come find you and your family joyful, peaceful, and immensely loved. May your new year be fulfilling, healthy, and prosperous. May your legacy be as legendary as you already are.”

- Anonymous

This Doctor and His Office Staff Were Fantastic

Mohammad Younus 
Mohammad Younus, M.D.

This Doctor and his office staff were fantastic. Building was immaculate. They gave great directions. Pros were: So efficient! Ran on time, were polite, happy, pleasant and helpful.

“The Doctor was pleasant, informative, and put me at ease.”

Cons: absolutely none. This is an awesome practice. I wish every doctor’s office could be like this!”

- Anonymous

Dr. Lebowitz is a Doctors' Doctor

Nathaniel Lebowitz 
Nathaniel Lebowitz, M.D.

“Dr. Lebowitz is a doctors doctor, a physician who truly is cutting edge in his approach to cardiology! His philosophy is to attack the symptoms before they become a problem! A doctor who takes the time to get to know his patients and takes the time to go over test results and explain their significance !

I am most pleased to have him as my doctor! A real human being as well as a top notch practitioner!

Couldn’t be a happier patient!”

- Anonymous

I truly trusted in the plan of care recommended by Dr. Sullivan

Michael Sullivan 
Michael C Sullivan, M.D.

“I am so very happy to have been referred to Dr. Sullivan and his team! He reviewed my condition, and spent the time with me so that I understood all that was going to happen.

I truly trusted in the plan of care recommended by Dr. Sullivan, and am thankful for his skill as a surgeon for correcting my problems with a very successful surgery!”

- Anonymous

My Knee Replacement Was a Wonderful Experience

Yair Kissin 
Yair David Kissin, M.D.

“Kristie was wonderful reassuring and did a very professional job and it was a pleasure to have her take care of me.

And I thank her very very much for a wonderful job as well as Dr. Kissin and the entire staff as well as Hackensack hospital.

My knee replacement was a wonderful experience difficult, but doing very, very well and I thank everyone.”

- Anonymous

The Level of Care They Have for the Patients, Isn’t Unnoticed

Manisha Parulekar 
Manisha Parulekar, M.D, FACP, AGSF, CMD

Dr. Parulekar,

I just want to thank you personally for always advocating for my mom. It’s not every day you get the best level of care.

I have to say, your team, especially Diane, has made this nightmare with my mom so much more manageable. The level of care they have for the patients, isn’t unnoticed.

Without you guys, I don’t know that my mom would be alive. It’s a shame that you can’t trust everyone, the way we trust you guys. I actually referred 2 of my friends here for their parents because the level of care offered by Diane and the rest of the team. I told them they need to switch to your office.”

-Marianna G.

Dr. Asgarian was a Great Surgeon

Kourosh Asgarian 
Kourosh T Asgarian, D.O.

“Dr. Asgarian was a great surgeon, caring, warm and compassionate! Highly recommend JSUMC!”

-Anonymous Patient

My Cancer Battle is Being Eased by the Staff of Ocean Medical Center

David Greenberg 
David Greenberg, M.D.

“This letter has been brewing for quite some time. Currently, I am a patient of Dr. Greenberg and being treated for Leukemia. I have spent countless hours in the Infusion Lab receiving infusions, transfusions and chemotherapy.

And of course, I am so happy to be under the care of The Atlantic Hematology Group. The fact that a doctor is on call 24/7 is such a comfort.

In addition, I have confidence in Dr. Greenberg and like knowing that when I need him, he is there.

I want you to know my cancer battle is being eased by the staff of Ocean Medical Center. In fact, sometimes my determination to beat Lukemia is motivated by the attitude of that staff.”

-Anonymous Patient

Please Let All Involved Know How Grateful We Are

Anne Darlington, D.O.

“My mother fell in the bathroom at 2 a.m. and hit her head on the sink, bleeding profusely. She was taken by ambulance to Southern Ocean Medical Center. I cant stay enough about the care she received in your Emergency Department.

Dr. Anne Darlington treated her, and the nurses were very caring and attentive.

Please let all involved know how grateful we are for the professional care my mother received.”


Dr. Tawfik is a Wonderful Caring Doctor

Tamir A Tawfik, M.D.

““Dr. Tawfik is a wonderful caring doctor who restored the quality of my life. After 14 years of pain in my neck & weakness, numbness,and neuropathy in my left hand, which I could barely use, within hours Dr. Tawfik performed 2 surgeries and I had feeling back into my arm, hand, and fingers. No more neck brace! Three weeks later and I can hold my water bottle, my coffee cup, drive my car.

I thank God that I was finally referred to Dr. Tawfik after so many other Doctors could not help me!”

-Anonymous Patient

What a Terrific Hospital!

Juan J Lujan, M.D.

“What a terrific hospital!!!!! I just had an emergency appendectomy and every staff member was amazing! From the ER staff and physicians, to the x-ray tech and nurses, and the PCAs and dietary staff. I am a nurse in another facility, so I can recognize easily what needs to be done. Everyone went above and beyond.

My surgeon, Dr. Juan Lujan was so wonderful and I am so grateful for everything. 5 stars!!!!“

-Anonymous Patient

I Would Not Go Anywhere Else

Asha Bale, M.D.

“I love Hackensack University Medical Center. I would not go anywhere else. Everyone is special. I had 4 stays there and they were all perfect.

I highly recommend Hackensack and Dr. Asha Bale is truly a great surgeon.

Thank You Dr. Bale for everything.”

Maryann P.

She is Terrific

Reema Patel, M.D.

“I adore Dr. Patel. She is the only doctor who has been able to help me.

The right medication, a little exercise, the right diet and the right doctor (Dr. Patel) is all it takes. She is terrific. Honestly, I think she is the best and I’ve been to several! Five stars in my book!”

-Anonymous Patient

My OB, Maria Keanchong, was the Absolute Best

Maria Keanchong, M.D.

“I had an excellent experience delivering at Hackensack University Medical Center. The nursing and support staff were incredibly attentive. I was impressed by the response time of the anesthesiologist, once I requested an epidural – he came within minutes and asked for my feedback during the procedure. An anesthesiologist came to check on me the day after as well to make sure I wasn’t experiencing any complication.

My OB, Maria Keanchong, was the absolute best.

She knew that I wanted to do everything possible to have a vaginal delivery and she did so many things to help achieve this goal. I felt that she and the nursing staff worked well as a team and this helped calm my nerves as a first time mom.”

-Rachelle S.

I Felt Quite Safe

Neelam G. Gidwaney, M.D.

“Your staff made me feel quite comfortable. I felt quite safe.

Dr. Gidwaney was wonderful. She’s a wonderful doctor. I had no concerns. Everything went perfect.”

-Patient from Southern Ocean Medical Center

He Gave Me the Comfort That I Needed

Andrew Boyasky, M.D.

“Dr. Boyasky is the best, he is very caring to his patients, he took his time and explained everything to me very well. I was very nervous and scared, but he gave me the comfort that I needed at that difficult moment of my life. Dr. Boyarsky and his staff are very helpful, efficient, and accommodating. They guided me step by step throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Dr. Boyasky!”


I Would Give Him a 10 Star Rating if Possible

Francis Patterson, M.D.

“Dr. Patterson is wonderful, knowledgeable, very caring and down to earth. I would give him a 10 star rating if possible. My sister initially went to another oncologist who recommended removing a muscle along with the mass. We then saw Dr. Pecora for a second opinion, he recommended Dr. Patterson. Our experience with Dr. Patterson and his staff throughout the process has been wonderful. He took extreme care to make her feel comfortable. My sister says that Dr. Patterson is an angel taking care of her. We highly recommended Dr. Patterson to other patients. He is not only a wizard in his field, he is extremely polite, has the ability to explain everything in a simple way, very caring and humble. Our special thanks to his assistant Allyson for all her help and being very nice and caring.”


I Received Wonderful Treatment

George Batsides, M.D.

“Dr. Batsides is a rock star surgeon and his team are miracle workers! I received wonderful treatment, great bedside manner and everyone was extremely thorough. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!”

-Lisa D.

Our Family is Extremely Grateful

Asha Bale, M.D.

“Our family is extremely grateful for the patient and expert health care and treatment that Dr. Asha Bale has provided and continues to provide for our mother. In the time leading up to offering treatment options, Dr. Bale’s review of our mother’s situation was thorough and comprehensive, including reaching out to previous surgeons on multiple occasions. She communicated her assessment of potential intervention and outcomes clearly and was always considerate of our concerns. Furthermore, Hackensack University Medical Center’s dedicated staff from the surgical and medical team, nursing and wound care unit … all took great care of our mother and contributed to her successful and positive outcome. Today, she is getting stronger and is enjoying a pain free life with much hope for greater independence and improved health.”

-Evelyn Y.

He is a "Standout Physician"

Dr. Alexander Kulczycki

“Dr. Alexander Kulczycki has been my GP since late 2009. I have always found him to be a caring, knowledgeable professional who takes the time to sit, talk, listen and fully explain, in plain language, my medical problems, treatments and answer any questions I have. Recently, I suffered a heart attack. Every morning at 5 a.m., Dr. Alex would check on me, update me on my condition and ask if I had any concerns. A short while later, he would call my wife and update her and answer any questions she had. I really can’t begin to express my gratitude for his genuine concern, not only for me but also for my wife. I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Alex at the Jackson office and we personally thanked him for his caring demeanor. He said something to the effect that his treatment is what a ‘total care’ doctor is all about. He is a ‘standout physician’ in our eyes and we’re very lucky to have him as our doctor.”

-Patient R. Ballard

I Want to Thank the Entire Team

Dr. Rosario Ligresti

“When I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I was shattered. I had always been the healthiest person in my family. Dr. Rosario Ligresti and his team kept my spirits high and were able to get me into the new PROTACT clinical trial for pancreatic cancer. This treatment directly targets the pancreatic cancer tumor with long-acting immunotherapy. It has given me a lot of hope. Slowly but surely, I’ve been less weak, have less pain and I’m feeling better. I want to thank the entire team for their compassionate care and for making me aware of this wonderful treatment.”

-S. Ahmed

My Life Was Saved

Dr. Steven Morgan and Dr. Benjamin Morgan

“A year ago today I had a massive hemorrhage and went unconscious while delivering my son at JSUMC. Dr. Steve Morgan and his brother, Dr. Ben Morgan, rushed me into the OR, where multiple trauma teams were called in. I received 11 bags of blood and multiple platelets. My life was saved. Without these doctors, nurses and support staff, I would not be here today. I want to honor them for acting fast and doing everything in their power to send me home to my five small kids."

-J. Ward

This Team Has Been a Lifesaver

Dr. Theodore Petti

“Dr. Theodore Petti has been exceptionally thorough, kind, supportive, experienced and compassionate when evaluating our daughter and speaking to my husband and me. I also want to mention his assistant, who is amazing and very helpful, as well as the clinical program manager who is coordinating my daughter’s treatment. He is so kind, helpful and really on top of his game. This team has been a lifesaver, and I am feeling very hopeful that there will be positive and healthy changes for my daughter and our family. Dr. Petti, Marie and Jose have made this transition so much easier. I’m sincerely grateful.”

-T. Corra

Excellent Surgeon

Gregg Roger Klein, M.D.

“Dr. Klein is an excellent surgeon and has good and caring medical staff; efficient and excellent nursing care; clean environment; great teamwork, friendly staff and fast response/actions to patients’ concerns and continuity of care.”

-Flora J.

Compassionate, Kind, and Thorough

Bradley Pulver, M.D.

“I just wanted to pass along a wonderful compliment about our ED Medical Director, Dr. Bradley Pulver. I was rounding on a 4-West patient and spoke with her son. He was raving about Dr. Pulver and said that he was wonderful with his 94-year-old mother. Compassionate, kind, and thorough.

He was also extremely impressed with the communication provided to him. He said he can tell that Dr. Pulver is something special, and that many cannot compare to him.

Dr. Pulver gets compliments like this all the time. I agree, he is amazing. He is a pleasure to work with!”

-Lindsay Hanfield, Patient Experience Advisor at Ocean Medical Center

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