Ohio Measles Outbreak Request to Maintain Vigilance   
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Ohio Measles Outbreak Request to Maintain Vigilance

What You Need to Know

An outbreak of measles is ongoing in Columbus, Ohio. The first case was identified October 22, 2022. As of December 12, a total of 73 confirmed cases have been identified. There is concern that the outbreak will spread into other states.

The measles outbreak in Ohio, combined with holiday travel and the predicted seasonal increase in internationally imported measles cases, is of special concern.

Providers should remain vigilant and consider measles in patients with a febrile rash illness lasting three days or more, a fever of 101ºF (38.3ºC) or higher, and clinically compatible symptoms (cough, coryza and/or conjunctivitis), particularly if the patient was potentially exposed to a case of measles or has recently traveled to an area with an on-going measles outbreak.

Providers who are ordering measles testing should obtain samples from the following sites: nasopharyngeal/throat swab (rRT-PCR), urine (rRT-PCR), and serum (measles IgM and IgG).

Providers should ensure they and their staff are up-to-date with immunizations, use appropriate precautions, and have access to and are trained to use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when interacting with patients.

Reporting Measles

Measles is an immediately reportable condition, and providers should immediately report suspected cases of measles to local public health authorities where the patient resides, or if not available, to the NJDOH at (609) 826-5964 during regular business hours or (609) 392-2020 after business hours or on the weekend.

For additional information visit: https://www.nj.gov/health/cd/topics/measles.shtml

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