PPE Guideline Update Masking Optional   
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PPE Guideline Update Masking Optional

What You Need To Know

  • As COVID-19 trends are not high in any HMH county, masking is now optional for all team members, licensed independent practitioners, patients and visitors in clinical and non-clinical areas, effective April 12, 2023, in accordance with HMH’s Universal Pandemic Precautions for Patient Care Settings Policy.
  • Any team member, patient or visitor who wishes to continue wearing a mask is welcome to do so.
  • Wearing a mask is still required in certain instances.

Wearing a mask is still required in the following instances

  • When isolation precautions (aka transmission-based precautions) are in place (ex. confirmed or suspected COVID-19, flu, etc.);
  • Upon request by the patient or whoever is speaking on behalf of the patient;
  • Specific areas of the hospital/facility where highly vulnerable patients are receiving care (e.g., NICU);
  • When caring for a patient who is experiencing respiratory symptoms;
  • After exposure to someone diagnosed with COVID-19 without wearing appropriate PPE.

Masking Guidance May Change In The Future

HMH’s masking guidance may change based on COVID-19 prevalence within its counties. We will continue to monitor COVID-19 activity and determine masking guidance on a county-by-county basis. For example, if COVID-19 activity increases in a county, masking requirements may be reinstated for all clinical areas (i.e.,  hospitals, long term care facilities, rehabilitation facilities, physician offices, Urgent Care Centers, Health visits and ambulatory care sites) within that county. We will alert you if this happens.

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