West Nile Virus Situation Update and New Public Health Investigation Resources for Local health Departments   
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West Nile Virus Situation Update and New Public Health Investigation Resources for Local health Departments

What You Need To Know

  • West Nile Virus (WNV) is a disease spread by the bite of an infected mosquito and is endemic to New Jersey. The state is currently in its peak WNV season, which runs from late summer to early fall.  During this time of year, the state sees the majority of its human WNV cases and the highest number of positive WNV mosquito pools.
From 2018-2022, there were 128 cases of WNV reported in New Jersey and 12 deaths. To date in 2023, there are 8 human WNV cases (Bergen-4, Middlesex-3, Camden-1) and 1 death (Bergen) associated with WNV. County mosquito agencies have trapped and tested 632 positive mosquito pools, with the highest numbers coming from Bergen (100) and Hudson (71) counties. The number of positive WNV pools is currently higher than this time last year, but around the 5-year average. Healthcare providers should consider WNV and other arboviruses in patients with an acute febrile illness or neurologic presentation and outdoor exposure where mosquitoes (or ticks) may have been present. Other rare exposures for WNV infection include a recent blood transfusion or organ transplant. To confirm a WNV infection, test serum and/or cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) for WNV-specific IgM antibodies. Consider arboviral testing at the NJDOH Public Health and Environmental Laboratories (PHEL). Requests for arboviral testing must be pre-approved by the CDS Vector-borne Disease Team prior to submission for public health testing. Testing can be provided for patients with neuroinvasive disease (e.g., encephalitis, meningitis, acute flaccid paralysis) of unknown etiology or with a febrile illness of unknown etiology if an arboviral disease is suspected.

For More Information

Submit the NJDOH Arboviral Testing Request worksheet found under “Laboratory Testing and Guidance” on the NJDOH Fight the Bite NJ! website and send via encrypted email to CDSVectorTeam@doh.nj.gov or contact CDSVectorTeam@doh.nj.gov or CDS at (609) 826-5964 during business hours.
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