Epic Training Coming Soon Jersey Shore Ocean and Southern Ocean   
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Epic Training Coming Soon Jersey Shore Ocean and Southern Ocean

The Epic electronic health record system is coming to Jersey Shore, Ocean Medical Center and Southern Ocean Medical Center on September 30, 2019. All Hackensack Meridian Health facilities to be live on Epic by September 2019.

Training is Required

To ensure medical staff is prepared to use the system efficiently, all providers are required to attend in-person training classes and pass an assessment before they will be granted access to Epic. Provider training components include a mix of classroom training, personalization and self-guiding practice. 

Classroom Training

Classes begin August 5 and are available through September 25. Each provider is required to attend at least one 5-hour class and pass an assessment. During training, providers learn how to navigate the Epic system and how to complete common workflows for their role and specialty. A practice booklet will be provided along with an introduction to the Epic Playground environment.

Personalization Sessions

At personalization sessions, providers will be able to rearrange screen contents, create custom templates, create personal order preference lists and more to increase their efficiency. These sessions take an additional 3 hours to complete.

Self-Guided Practice

Providers will be expected to practice their activities in the Playground prior to go live in order to become more familiar with the Epic system and their activities. Additional Practice Labs will be held at each facility in the weeks prior to go live where providers can drop in and sit with a credentialed trainer to ask questions or walk through their workflows. All training is completed in person and classes will be offered at Jersey Shore, Ocean and Southern Ocean Medical Center.

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