Epic Dictation Available at Hackensack   
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Epic Dictation Available at Hackensack

What you need to know

Dragon Medical One (DMO) gives Inpatient and ETD providers the ability to dictate notes directly into Epic without going through a separate service. In addition, you can use your smartphone with a specialized App for DMO, which means you don’t need to find a computer with a Dragon Microphone.

To get access to DMO and use it with Epic you must attend a specialized training class. The training class take about 2.5 hours. Class sessions are first come, first serve basis, and you must register at least one week prior to the date of class. Note: an IT restriction requires you to have a minimum of 4-weeks experience with Epic.

Register for a Class

Complete the Online Registration Form, and someone will contact you to confirm your class selection. Please note that your registration is NOT complete without confirmation from Hackensack's training team.

If you have any questions, please contact the Inpatient Epic Education team by email or phone at 551-996-3688.

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