Enroll in Duo for Remote Access to HMH Network   
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Enroll in Duo for Remote Access to HMH Network

What you need to know

Duo is an iPhone/Android app that allows HMH to confirm your identity before granting remote access to your personal data and HMH systems.

Beginning December 2, 2019,  you will need Duo to remotely access
• Apps such as Epic, Office 365 and MyWay - PeopleSoft
• VMware
• Citrix
• connect.hmhn.org
• connect.hackensackumc.org
• remote.meridianhealth.com
• providers.hmhn.org (for provider only remote access to Epic)

Because of the continuous cyber-attacks that are impacting the health care industry, Duo is considered an industry-leading practice for providing secure remote access. 

Beginning in March 2020, Epic ePrescribing Controlled Substances (EPCS) will be turned on and will also require Duo. 

How to Install Duo

You need to enroll a mobile phone (preferred), tablet or phone number with Duo to allow remote access.

To enroll, using your desktop, visit connect.hmhn.org, then follow these steps:  

  1. With a device you have previously used for remote access, sign in using your Network UserID and Password. 
  2. Click on the DUO Self Service Portal icon. 
  3. Click on "Open." It will take you to the DUO registration site. Enter your Network UserID and Password and follow the directions.

Using Duo

When you attempt to log in remotely, you will receive one of three methods of authentication (choose your preferred method during enrollment): 

  • Push: Duo's mobile application send a push notification to your smartphone. Tap "Approve" to authenticate.
  • Passcode: Duo's mobile app provides a 6 digit unique code to authenticate.
  • Call: Duo Security calls your device and you authenticate by pressing a key.

Duo: What You'll See

Enrolled in Duo

You can approve Duo on your Apple watch, eliminating the need to have your phone in your hand.

Not Enrolled in Duo

If you are not enrolled in Duo, you'll receive the following message if you attempt to remotely log into HMH.


Contact the IT Service Desk at x3333 or 848-237-3333.

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