Coronavirus Phishing Alert   
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Coronavirus Phishing Alert

What you need to know

The 2019 novel coronavirus has provided an opportunity for new malicious phishing campaigns.

Please be on alert for emails with Coronavirus in the Subject line that can compromise the HMH network, such as this:

The campaign tries to scare recipients into clicking links, opening malicious attachments or giving out confidential information. Be on the alert for subject lines such as:

- CDC or World Health Organization emails or social media Coronavirus messaging
- Check updated Coronavirus map in your city
- Coronavirus Infection warning from local school district
- Keeping your children safe from Coronavirus

Phishing Reminders

If you receive an email that has the following banner and you were not expecting it, DO NOT open any file attachments or click on any links. DELETE the email:

Note that this email originated outside of the Hackensack Meridian Health Network, DO NOT CLICK ON LINKS or OPEN FILE ATTACHMENTS unless you know and trust the sender.

  • DO NOT click on a link or an attachment in an email if it seems suspicious.
  • DO NOT provide your user name or password.
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