Epic Downtime February 16   
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Epic Downtime February 16

What you need to know

The next quarterly update to Epic is scheduled for Wednesday, February 16.

Downtime will begin at 1 a.m. and end at 4 a.m.

Application-specific educational materials are available on the Epic Learning Home Dashboard and on the Epic Training Share Drive.

During this downtime, the system is in a “Read Only” state which allows full access to retrieve information including census, results and medication records, but does not allow updates or changes.

Information in Epic is up-to-date when the downtime begins. However, no new information will appear until the downtime is completed. Please take this time to review your local downtime procedures.

Additional Information

Epic Customization will be temporarily unavailable beginning Monday, February 14 and lasting until the update is complete on Wednesday, February 16. These include:

  • Creating or editing filters in Chart Review
  • Applying filters in work lists
  • Customizing advanced settings for Charge Router Reconciliation and Routed Charges reports
  • Creating or editing SmartPhrases and SmartLinks
  • Personalizing dashboards
  • Creating, Editing, and Sharing NoteWriter Macros
  • Creating or editing QuickActions
  • Adding users to In Basket pools

This update will include changes to Epic applications to increase efficiency, improve care delivery and meet new regulatory requirements. IT will also use this downtime window to perform updates and maintenance to other systems. You can preview the changes in the Epic Playground.


If you have questions, please contact the IT Service Desk at X333, 848-237-3333 or email ITServiceDesk@hackensackmeridian.org

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