MySupport Launches on February 28   
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MySupport Launches on February 28

What you need to know

MySupport is replacing the FootPrints ticketing system and will be the network standard method of opening a ticket for IT support.

MySupport is an easy-to-use tool for routine service requests, IT issues or to view the current status of any previously submitted tickets, including any Epic issues.

You will be able to access MySupport anytime, anywhere, from any device, including cellphones and tablets and from any location using the MySupport browser or a mobile app with DUO authentication. See how easy MySupport is to use by viewing these videos: browser and MySupport mobile app.

These step-by-step instructions provide information on how to access MySupport.

MySupport Services

MySupport will be where team members go to:

  • Make a request for IT services such as:
    • New equipment
    • Access to applications
    • Gmail distribution groups
    • Reset passwords
    • Application workflow changes
  • Report an IT issue such as:
    • Application error or problem
    • Printing issue
    • Broken equipment
  • Check the status of an open ticket
  • Find how-to guides and tip sheets
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