Updates to Epics Ambulatory Behavioral Health Module   
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Updates to Epics Ambulatory Behavioral Health Module

What you need to know

Attention Ambulatory Clinicians documenting behavioral health treatment plans, Epic has updated its Behavioral Health module effective Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

 If you have ongoing Care Plans/Plan of Care documents, please continue documenting in those activities until the Plan of Care is completed or is up for review, whichever date is first. All new patients and updated Care Plans/Plan of Care documentation should be completed in the Treatment Plan section. 

About the Epic Changes

Notable changes in this update include:

  • "Treatment Plan" replaces “Care Plan” and “Plan of Care” documentation. Additional updates include:
    • “Rooming” replace “Medical/Health” tab
    • “Plan” replaces “Chart”
  • “Behavioral Health Activity Tab” has been added and allows documentation for: 
    • Episodes
    • Treatment Plan: Plan of Care and Create a Care Plans
    • Survey Tools/Screenings
    • Biopsychosocial Assessments
    • Review of Biopsychosocial and Survey responses completed within the past year. 


For more details team members can visit: Documenting Behavioral Health Treatment Plan Knowledge Builder


Visit: MySupport.hmhn.org


  • Internal Extension: x3333
  • External Phone Number: 848-237-3333 

Email: EpicServiceDesk@hmhn.org

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