Epic Update To Hospital Course Note   
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Epic Update To Hospital Course Note

What You Need To Know

  • Beginning Wednesday, May 3, providers can get a head start on their discharge summary by documenting the patient's hospital course summary throughout the Admission Rounding and Transfer Workflows.
  • Providers create a new hospital course note which they continually update during their rounding workflows.

This Note Provides The Following Benefits

  • Providers can review and edit the summary of the patient's admission while doing their standard rounding documentation.
  • If providers are using problem-oriented charting, they can review and update the course of individual problems while writing their current assessment & plan (A&P) note for each problem.
  • The hospital course, including problem-specific details, is automatically pulled into the clinician's discharge summary, where the provider can easily review the hospital course documentation rather than creating it at the end of the admission.

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