Tap N Go Lock Key Change Begins June 14   
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Tap N Go Lock Key Change Begins June 14

What You Need To Know

  • Manual lock key shortcuts will change on Tap-N-Go devices beginning June 14, 2023. If you use keyboard shortcuts to lock a device, take note of the change.
  • Current lock key combinations F4, Shift + F4, Alt + L, F1, and F11 will now be replaced with: CTRL + '
  • To lock a device, hold down the Control key and then press the backtick key, which is found in the top left corner of keyboards (see image, right).
  • The changes are part of a continuing effort to support security standards.

Best Practices For Tap N' Go Devices

  • Tap your badge to unlock a computer / device.
  • If stepping away from the device, even if just for a moment, tap your badge to lock the session.
  • In the event of an Imprivata downtime, team members should print and follow these instructions to log in and out.

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