DTS Action Alert Important HMH Network Account Update   
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DTS Action Alert Important HMH Network Account Update

What You Need To Know

WHAT: Going forward, any Network Account with a National Provider Index number attached, that hasn’t been active for 365 days or more, will be disabled. This will be an ongoing process, performed quarterly, to remove any Network Account with an NPI that meets the criteria. This change is necessary to support HMH’s governance of our Active Directory environment, the proactive management of all user populations, and as a part of our Zero Trust cybersecurity journey. WHEN: Beginning Wednesday, November 8, 2023 DETAILS:  Note: You will be counted as “active,” and your access won’t be affected if you have done any of the following in the last 365 days:
  • Logged into an HMH managed or owned device (using your Network ID and password to log into a laptop, tablet, hospital workstation)
  • Logged into your Epic account, and/or used Epic mobile apps such as Haiku or Canto
  • Used your HMH email to send and receive messages
  • All users who access HMH systems and applications have a Network Account (also called an Active Directory account, or ADID, or Network ID), and some users also have an Epic account which allows access to Epic and its associated applications.
  • Please note that these accounts are not being deleted, only disabled. Once the account is disabled, the user will lose access to the HMH network and their HMH email.
  • If you are a user associated with a disabled account and return to HMH, your account will be re-enabled by contacting the Service Desk (848-237-3333), or through a manager/supervisor submitting a Service Access Request (SAR) to the IAM team.

For More Information

Email mysupport@hmhn.org
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