Hackensack University Medical Center Wound Care Expert Shares Passionfor SAMBO   
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Hackensack University Medical Center Wound Care Expert Shares Passionfor SAMBO

Roman Zinder, M.D.
Roman Zinder, M.D., Chief of the Advanced Wound Center, Hackensack University Medical Center

Most know Roman Zinder, M.D. as chief of the Advanced Wound Center at Hackensack University Medical Center, but he is also an expert in a martial art called SAMBO.

“SAMBO combines elements of judo, ju-jitsu and various styles of folk-wrestling from different nationalities,” said Dr. Zinder, who is the Secretary General of the U.S. National SAMBO Federation. “SAMBO was developed in the former Soviet Union, and the name is an acronym for ‘self-defense without a weapon.’”

Dr. Zinder discovered SAMBO when he was 8 years old. He competed in SAMBO and judo until he was 23, and eventually began coaching youth and adult participants. Each year, along with the Vice President and Heath Coach of USA SAMBO, he takes a team to the Pan American SAMBO Championship and has taken teams all over the world to youth and adult championship events.

In November 2022, the 2022 U.S. SAMBO team went to the World SAMBO Championships in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Dr. Roman Zinder is Secretary General of the U.S. National SAMBO Federation and accompanied the 2022 U.S. team to the World SAMBO Championships in Kyrgyzstan.

“It was a long trip and took nearly 24 hours to get there,” said Dr. Zinder. “Two of our competitors placed fifth in the combat sambo discipline which is a mix of MMA and wrestling. This is an excellent result considering this is the world’s largest event for this sport which is  very fast-paced and exciting to watch.” 

Although SAMBO is very popular in Europe and Asia, its popularity is still growing in the U.S. Through his involvement in coaching and the U.S. National SAMBO Federation, Dr. Zinder hopes to raise awareness of the sport and give back to the worldwide SAMBO community as well as encourage all those who may be interested in participating to find out more. . 

“SAMBO shaped me and gave me skills that I use in everyday life — including during medical school and in my career,” said Dr. Zinder. “From a young age, sports taught me about discipline, fitness and how to push myself to do my best. SAMBO gives participants confidence and builds up character, which plays a role throughout life.”

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