HUMC Team Members Complete Surgical Mission Trip   
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HUMC Team Members Complete Surgical Mission Trip

What You Need To Know

A group of team members from HUMC recently completed a surgical mission trip to the Phillipines. Dr. Asha Bale, Dr. Kevin Basralian, Leizl Ruiz, Maria DeJesus, Andrew Nolasco, Pearlierose Cruz, Marivi Acosta and Claudia Hubbard all accompanied Dr. Bale. In addition, HUMC residents Dr. Nadeen Alturki and Dr. Steven Hernandez volunteered along with fellow team members from JFK. Physicians from California and Arizona also joined. The team traveled to Don Emilio Del Valle Memorial Hospital on the island of Ubay Bohol. 

Hundreds of patients lined up outside the hospital on the first triage day. For five days, the team worked tirelessly in 12-hour shifts, completing over 80 life-changing surgeries. “Despite the challenges of limited resources, the team remained determined,” said Dr. Basralian. “There was an unspoken bond of compassion and dedication. It was a testament to the team’s resilience and our ability to work together.”

This mission trip was made possible by Dr. Asha Bale’s non-profit ISHI (International Surgical Health Initiative). Founded in 2009 in collaboration with two of her colleagues at a different hospital, the non-profit organization delivers surgeries to people all over the world. The group has visited Guatemala, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Peru and more. Interested team members can learn more about ISHI here.

HUMC Mission Trip

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