Jersey Shore Opens Two LeadingEdge Cardiac Procedure Rooms   
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Jersey Shore Opens Two LeadingEdge Cardiac Procedure Rooms

What you need to know

Jersey Shore University Medical Center recently opened two new and technically advanced outpatient cardiac procedure rooms. The rooms, Hybrid OR Room 18 and EP Lab Room 8, utilize the Innova™ IGS 5 advanced digital X-ray imaging system from GE Healthcare.

The advanced imaging technology within these rooms allows physicians and nurses to see extremely detailed, real-time images of a patient’s cardiac anatomy.

Information on the Hybrid OR

Structural heart procedures are performed in the Hybrid OR, for example; transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), percutaneous mitral valve repair (implantation of a mitral valve clip), and cardiac catheterization/percutaneous Coronary intervention (diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery blockages).

Information on the EP Lab

The comprehensive EP Lab focuses on Cardiac Electrophysiology, the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of conditions involving the heart’s electrical system, which controls the heart’s rhythm and rate.

More information on Innova™ IGS 5

The IGS 5 has a state-of-the-art digital detector that provides exceptional image quality at one of the industry’s lowest radiation dose levels. The system gives doctors the flexibility to balance dose and image quality, helping them minimize the radiation dose to patients as low as reasonably achievable. 

A variety of treatments exist for irregular heart rate, cardiac syncope and arrest and other heart rhythm disorders, such as; Electrophysiology studies, radiofrequency ablation, implantation of pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) as well as, laser-assisted lead extraction of chronic infected or nonfunctional devices. Since both rooms meet the quality standard of an operating room environment, these procedures can become ‘open’ or operative as needed.

The addition of the rooms with the IGS 5 systems helps Jersey Shore’s cardiologists diagnose and treat all patients, even the most challenging ones, safely and efficiently, with the best possible image quality. 

Physicians can move from a diagnostic examination to treatment and repair for patients in the same location. This efficiency increases the number of available procedure rooms at the medical center and improves the ability to meet the volume of patients who can receive care. 

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