Jersey Shore Reduces Stroke Patient Readmission by 50 Percent   
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Jersey Shore Reduces Stroke Patient Readmission by 50 Percent

What you need to know

Jersey Shore has reduced readmission rates among stroke patients by 50 percent after implementing the Vocera Care Inform solution. Care Inform enables team members to record live discharge instructions and teach-back sessions at the patient’s bedside.

After implementing the program, Jersey Shore reduced readmission rates to 3.6 percent from 7.2 percent. The Center also saw a 7 percent increase in medication compliance and a 3 percent increase in patients making follow-up appointments with their primary care physicians. There also were increases in the number of patients who could recite signs and symptoms of stroke and personal risk factors.

About the Care Inform Progam

Nurse practitioners at Jersey Shore use the Care Inform mobile app to record personalized discharge instructions and create educational resources for patients with acute ischemic stroke. Patient-specific audio recordings and digital health libraries are securely saved in the software platform, where patients and family members can access these resources via phone or computer at any time during a hospital stay or after discharge.

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