HMHs Hospitalization Prevention Program   
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HMHs Hospitalization Prevention Program

HMH's Hospitalization Prevention Program was created to provide personalized guidance and  assistance in the critical days and weeks after discharge from the hospital. The goal of our program is to facilitate a speedy  and successful recovery, and minimize the chances of a setback that may lead to a return to the hospital. 

The program provides individual and personalized coaching  for patients upon discharge from the hospital. At no charge to your patient, a home care nurse will: 

  • Review new medication instructions, educate on interactions between medications and answer questions.
  • Evaluate medical and care needs and connect with community resources. 
  • Facilitate scheduling of follow-up appointments with physicians and care team. 
  • Assess home safety and make recommendations for minimizing potential hazards. 
  • Perform nutrition evaluation and provide condition-specific dietary plan. 
  • Address patient and family concerns about care and recovery process

For more information call 800-655-2555

Download a flyer about the Hospitalization Prevention Program.

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