NewParkinsons Wellness Program Opens at JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute   
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NewParkinsons Wellness Program Opens at JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute

What you need to know

JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute has opened its new Parkinson’s Wellness Program.

In this program, patients are admitted from their homes to participate in an individualized, multidisciplinary and targeted two-week inpatient rehabilitation program that helps them restore and maintain their function. 

A patient’s initial assessment is completed by physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians at JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute and neurologists specializing in movement disorders at JFK University Medical Center’s Neuroscience Institute.  

These doctors work with rehabilitation nurses, physical and occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, social workers, rehabilitation psychologists, pharmacists, nutritionists and exercise physiologists to create a customized treatment plan based on the patients’ health and specific goals. Resources, education, and equipment recommendations are provided based on an individual’s needs. 

After the two-week inpatient stay, patients are transitioned to outpatient services, as appropriate to enhance their continued approach to living well with Parkinson’s disease.

Program Eligibility

Criteria for the program includes those who may be experiencing:

  • frequent falls at home,
  • a "freezing" gait, the need for medication adjustment, or
  • worsening swallowing problems.

Candidates will need to be able to tolerate 3 hours or more hours of therapy in a day. In addition, all participants must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and influenza.

Families and caretakers are welcomed to participate in the program. 

For more information, click here or contact: 732-321-7070.

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