Hackensack University Medical Center Receives Funding for AIAssisted Colonoscopy Technology   
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Hackensack University Medical Center Receives Funding for AIAssisted Colonoscopy Technology

What You Need to Know

Hackensack University Medical Center is the only hospital in New Jersey – and the first in the tri-state area – to receive Medtronic’s GI Genius™ artificial intelligence, which is AI-assisted colonoscopy technology to low-income and underserved communities.

The Health Equity Assistance Program will fund the installation of GI Genius™ modules in the Outpatient Endoscopy and Surgery Department, plus training and ongoing support.

Hackensack University Medical Center will receive GI Genius™ modules, which aims to increase screening, early detection to help prevent incidence of colorectal cancer in underserved communities who benefit from this type of cutting-edge technology that is often not available to them due to cost limitations. As the centerpiece of the program, GI Genius™ has demonstrated the ability to improve detection of colorectal polyps that can lead to CRC.

At the discretion of their doctor, any patient having a screening colonoscopy can be screened with the assistance of GI Genius™ at no extra cost and the procedure is covered by all insurances.

About the GI Genius™

The GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy module, authorized by the FDA in April 2021, detects colorectal polyps of varying shapes and sizes automatically in real-time which helps in the early detection of polyps to impact patient care.

In a 2020 prospective, randomized study, the addition of GI Genius™ to high-definition (HD) colonoscopy increased the absolute adenoma detection rate (ADR) by 14.4%, compared to HD colonoscopy alone, representing a 30% relative increase in ADR. For every 1% increase in ADR, patients’ risk of CRC decreases by 3%. In the 2020 study, GI Genius™ was also 50% more likely to detect multiple polyps and 53% more likely to detect polyps in the distal colon (the last part of the colon), compared to HD colonoscopy alone.

More recently, in a multi-center, international study in which participants underwent two same-day, back-to-back colonoscopies with or without GI Genius, use of GI Genius resulted in an approximately two-fold reduction in the adenoma miss rate (AMR), mainly due to a decreased miss rate of flat and small lesions. The investigators commented that “computer-aided detection reassures health care providers and patients on the decreased risk of perceptual errors.”

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