JFK University Medical Center Unveils New Hybrid Operating Room   
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JFK University Medical Center Unveils New Hybrid Operating Room

What You Need to Know

JFK University Medical Center opened its new hybrid operating room, a state-of-the-art facility that combines advanced imaging and surgical technologies in one place.

Benefits of the hybrid operating room allows for traditional open surgical procedures to be performed with a minimally invasive approach that will result in improved patient outcomes.

About Hybrid Operating Rooms

In the past two decades, Hybrid Operating Rooms have emerged as the new standard of care for cardiovascular minimally invasive surgeries, and they are now being considered for many other specialties in the hospital. The minimally invasive approach allows patients typically to experience a shorter recovery time following a procedure in a Hybrid OR. Additionally, patients typically have a shorter length of stay at the hospital because they didn’t have a traditional open surgical procedure.

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