JFK University Medical Center Now Offering The Ion System   
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JFK University Medical Center Now Offering The Ion System


What You Need to Know

JFK University Medical Center now offers the the Ion system, making it the first hospital in central New Jersey to have this technology. 

Using the Ion system, the physician manages a controller to move the bronchoscope. While the physician controls the robotic system, a three-dimensional map of the patient’s lung is shown on a computer screen. This allows the physician to see exactly where the bronchoscope is in the person’s lung allowing biopsy of very small nodules, and guides the physician to get to the nodule.

In addition, this new technology will be part of The Advanced Lung and Airway Center at JFK University Medical Center. This program screens, diagnoses and treats patients with both cancerous and non-cancerous disorders that affect breathing. The multidisciplinary team includes world renowned thoracic surgeons who specialize in advanced robotic surgery for lung cancer, esophageal cancer, mediastinal tumors, and other surgical conditions within the chest and trachea. In addition, our thoracic surgeons collaborate with interventional pulmonologists and ENT surgeons to provide specialized care for the most complex airway diseases.

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