Jersey Shore University Medical Center Provides Patient New Jersey’s First GammaTile® Brain Tumor Treatment   
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Jersey Shore University Medical Center Provides Patient New Jersey’s First GammaTile® Brain Tumor Treatment

JSUMC Gamma Tile

What You Need To Know 

Jersey Shore University Medical Center successfully performed the first GammaTile® implant in the state. The device was implanted in a patient with recurrent meningioma, a brain tumor, to deliver radiation immediately at the time of surgery, targeting residual cancer cells to help prevent recurrence while minimizing harm to healthy tissue.

John Pettenati, age 61, of Ringoes, NJ, is the first patient to receive GammaTile® at JSUMC. Shabbar Danish, M.D., chair of neurosurgery, Hackensack Meridian Neuroscience Institute at JSUMC, performed the implantation immediately after removing the brain tumor. 

The technology is the only FDA-cleared innovation in brain brachytherapy and was developed by GT Medical Technologies, Inc., a medical device company dedicated to improving the lives of patients with brain tumors. To date, more than 1,200 patients have been successfully treated with GammaTile® in the U.S. Additional details include the following.

  • FDA clearance indication statement: GammaTile® is FDA-cleared for patients with newly diagnosed malignant brain tumors and recurrent brain tumors, including gliomas, glioblastomas, meningiomas, and brain metastases.
  • GammaTile® provides immediate, effective, focused radiation to the brain tumor cavity starting at the time of tumor removal to help eradicate residual tumor cells. 
  • GammaTile® delivers targeted brain radiation immediately after surgery—the only FDA-cleared revolutionary innovation in brain brachytherapy. 
  • It is the only FDA-cleared bioresorbable collagen implant that delivers brain radiation immediately after surgery to help eradicate residual tumor cells.
  • GammaTile® expands effective treatment options for doctors, hospitals, patients and families
  • GammaTile® minimizes hair loss, commonly experienced with external beam radiation to the brain.
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