Center for Treatment of Paralysis and Reconstructive Nerve Surgery at JSUMC Awarded Global Healthcare Accreditation   
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Center for Treatment of Paralysis and Reconstructive Nerve Surgery at JSUMC Awarded Global Healthcare Accreditation

What You Need to Know  

JSUMC celebrates a significant milestone: the attainment of Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) for Medical Travel Services for its Center for Treatment of Paralysis and Reconstructive Nerve Surgery. This prestigious accreditation underscores its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional care to both local and international patients. The Center is the first GHA accredited facility in New Jersey.  

The Center for Treatment of Paralysis and Reconstructive Nerve Surgery (CPRNS), in partnership with The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction, and under the expert leadership of renowned surgeons Matthew Kaufman, M.D., FACS, and Andrew Elkwood, M.D., FACS, stands at the forefront of global medical innovation. At this world class center specializing in reconstructive surgery for a variety of peripheral nerve disorders, the surgeons have pioneered surgical treatments for debilitating conditions causing nerve injury, pain, and paralysis.

The flagship program at the center is phrenic nerve reconstruction to treat diaphragm paralysis – a problematic condition that results in loss of breathing muscle function. The center empowers individuals suffering from diaphragm paralysis to recover breathing function through complex nerve repair, and in some severe cases this could mean restoring independent breathing activity in patients previously on a ventilator. In addition to the phrenic nerve reconstruction program, the center’s dedicated physicians have successfully treated thousands of patients worldwide addressing a wide spectrum of conditions, including: brachial plexus injury, hand and arm paralysis, facial paralysis, chronic headache, pelvic pain, foot drop, and post-amputation “phantom” pain.

Dr. Kaufman is the world’s leading expert in this surgery, completing nearly 800 patient cases, a feat unmatched by any other surgeon or medical facility in the world. Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) is dedicated to enhancing healthcare quality and safety in the medical tourism industry. Through services such as accreditation, certification, strategy, medical travel program development and optimization, and other business solutions to help scale growth, GHA helps to position healthcare providers to attract and serve medical travel patients, ultimately enhancing clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and the organization's business performance.

To raise awareness of the significance of GHA accreditation in enhancing safety and the patient experience, Global Healthcare Accreditation has initiated a comprehensive multilingual consumer and buyer marketing campaign, available in English, Spanish, Arabic, and other languages. The campaign aims to educate the market about the substantial benefits of selecting hospitals that have achieved GHA accreditation for their medical travel programs.

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