Hackensack Meridian Health Tops 2019 ROI Influencers Health Care List   
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Hackensack Meridian Health Tops 2019 ROI Influencers Health Care List

What you need to know

Hackensack Meridian Health's leadership and physicians topped ROI-NJ's Influencers: Health Care list, an elite roster of New Jersey executives, lawmakers and other leaders in health care.

CEO Robert Garrett shared the number one ranking on the list. Board Chair Gordon N. Litwin, Esq. and David Perlin, Ph.D., chief scientific officer for the network’s Center for Discover and Innovation, also made the top ten.

Other network leaders included on this elite roster include:
- Cathy Ainora, executive vice president, chief integration officer
- Sara Cuccurullo, M.D., medical director, vice president, Johnson Rehabilitation Institute
- Uli Diaz, member of the Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation Board of Trustees
- Robert Glenning, president, financial services division, chief financial officer
- Don Parker, president of Behavioral Health Services
- Andrew Pecora, M.D., CEO of Outcomes Matter Innovations, and a strategic partner of Hackensack Meridian
- Bonita Stanton, M.D., president, Academic Enterprise, founding dean of the Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Seton Hall University

ROI-NJ also also selected three leaders from St. Joseph’s Health, including Kevin Slavin, president and CEO, and Mark Rosenberg, M.D. and Alexis LaPietra, M.D. of St. Joseph’s Emergency Department.  In September, Hackensack Meridian and St. Joseph’s Health announced a clinical and strategic partnership.

Click the links below to view the full ROI-NJ Influencers: Health Care list:

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