From the desk of Regina Foley PhD MBA RN   
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From the desk of Regina Foley PhD MBA RN

For the past 20 months I’ve been blessed to work with the most dedicated, professional and spirited team…YOU. I want to convey my thanks and gratitude to a team who embraced me from the first day I had the privilege to walk through our front door.

You showed me what it’s like to be a Great Place to Work. Trust, caring and transparency have led to an environment that allows us both to do what we do best…provide care to a community that relies upon us.

Together we’ve implement best practices, achieved national recognition in quality, embrace new technology and strengthened our reputation in the region. We’ve witnessed our growth, celebrated successes and cried in sadness together. Your ability to care, friendship and love of a community will be my memory of SOMC, a very special place.

As I move north to Edison, you couldn’t be in better hands with a very strong leadership team. Michele Morrison is smart, fully committed and truly cares about each and every soul at SOMC. Please continue support her as well as Dr. Ken Sable, Micki Patrick, Dr. Vivona, Bill Schreiber and all the leaders.

Pride, Respect and Appreciation are more than just words to this leadership team. They live it and value you.


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