HMH is Going Google   
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HMH is Going Google

What you need to know

Going Google allows HMH to take advantage of cloud-based technology and tools which will allow us to achieve the four pillars of this project:

  • Collaboration: Easier real-time collaboration through shared documents and communication features
  • Consistency: Experience is same whether working in network or remotely
  • Security: Automated, behind the scenes software updates for all devices in office and remote.
  • Simplicity: Shorter boot up times and ability to work off line.

Beginning this fall, we will launch a seven-step journey which begins this month and will take us into 2021.

  • Chrome Browser
  • Email Address
  • Gmail, Contacts and Calendar
  • G Suite Productivity Tools
  • HMHN Device Login
  • Chrome Operating System
  • Network Account Name Change

How Can You Help

In the next few weeks we will be recruiting team members who want to be Early Adopters and Google Ambassadors to help fellow team members with this move. Stay tuned for more details on how to take part in one of these roles.

Please note as part of our Going Google communication plan, all future communications will come from the account. Here is where you can find the FAQ. You will also find more information and resources here

HMH is Going Google and You

We are excited about the possibilities Going Google opens up for HMH from break-through research using Artificial Intelligence to providing tools that better enable us to live the 4Cs to simplifying the day-to-day task of logging in and sharing documents.

More than that, this new platform will empower you. When the Going Google journey is complete, your ability to connect and collaborate with other team members will be greatly enhanced.

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