HMH Opens Cutting Edge Genomic Lab to Enhance Cancer Care   
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HMH Opens Cutting Edge Genomic Lab to Enhance Cancer Care

What you need to know

  • Hackensack Meridian Health has collaborated with Genomic Testing Cooperative to open a cutting-edge genomic testing lab that will enhance the future of cancer care in New Jersey.
  • This new lab – Anthology Diagnostics is operated by HMH and centrally located on the campus of JFK University Medical Center. 
  • Anthology Diagnostics will provide comprehensive tumor profiling, faster turnaround time, and testing that that incorporates artificial intelligence and molecular analysis to provide clinicians with personalized therapeutic options for oncology patients.

Benefits on the lab

  • Personalized, precise, and real-time insights for cancer patients, oncologists, and hospitals.
  • Help researchers identify biomarkers that can improve management of blood cancers and solid tumors.
  • Performing liquid biopsies – this will provide clinicians with the ability to detect early evidence of cancer by blood sample.

HMH clinicians will be able to order the cutting-edge DNA and RNA genomic profiling services for more targeted therapy selections and improve the overall outcomes for our cancer patients.   

For more information

For more information on our new genomic lab - Anthology Diagnostics, please email Sandra Elliot at

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