A Note of Appreciation this Doctors Day   
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A Note of Appreciation this Doctors Day

Dear Hackensack Meridian Health Physicians,

In the spirit of sacrifice you have given your all to our patients and communities over the past year. You’ve taught us that anything is possible if even a glimmer of hope remains. That despite the odds, if we rally together, we can overcome anything - even a pandemic.

You treated more than 23,000 Covid-19 patients, which is more than any other health network in the state.

You contributed to Hackensack Meridian Health'sbreakthroughs that helped New Jersey and the nation stay resilient, recover and persevere through some of its darkest days:

  • The first rapid commercial COVID-19 test, reducing the wait time for results from days to hours.
  • Convalescent plasma treatment utilizing antibodies from people with high concentrations of antibodies – "super donors'' – to treat hospitalized patients.
  • National clinical trials to develop COVID-19 vaccines, including the Moderna and J&J trials.
  • Opening a COVID-19 Recovery Center, dedicated to assisting COVID-19 patients after recovering from the infection.
  • Launching a mega site at the former Meadowlands Racetrack in partnership with the New Jersey Department of Health, State Police and National Guard, which is vaccinating 4,000 patients daily.
  • Developing Keeping America Safe: Hackensack Meridian Health's Assist Program which helps business owners and schools create a safe environment.

You also pay it forward by guiding and teaching your fellow clinicians and future physicians, providing them with insight to transform how they deliver care for years to come.

You lead a life of purpose that is rooted in compassion for others. Because of you, Hackensack Meridian Health has more top-ranked hospitals than any system in New Jersey and keeps getting better.

This Doctor’s Day, we salute you – our health care heroes – as you continue to strive for a healthier tomorrow for us all. 

Thank you for everything you do!

Bob Garrett


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