Vote Now Participate in Castle Connollys Survey for Jerseys Best Magazines 2024 Top Hospitals Feature   
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Vote Now Participate in Castle Connollys Survey for Jerseys Best Magazines 2024 Top Hospitals Feature

What You Need To Know

Once again, the editors and publishers of Jersey's Best have partnered with Castle Connolly Top Doctors to create a 2024 "Top Hospitals in New Jersey" feature that will appear in the Spring 2024 issue of Jersey's Best magazine. We invite ALL licensed physicians in the State of New Jersey to participate in this process and share your views regarding those hospitals that are best equipped to handle a variety of medical conditions. In order to accommodate for the differences as a function of size of hospitals, you will be able to nominate the top 5 hospitals for each of these conditions and the top 5 overall hospitals, for both hospitals with less than 350 beds and those with more than 350 beds. You will also be able to vote for the top 5 hospitals overall, again by size category. The results will be tabulated and for each size category condition and the "overall" category, the top 15 hospitals based on votes will be identified for the magazine feature. In the dropdown lists of hospitals for the various medical conditions, we only include hospitals which clearly offer - in the opinion of Castle Connolly's physician-led Research Team - the referenced services. Additionally, we will be sharing post-discharge, patient satisfaction ratings based on national data that is collected by IPRO, one of the nation's largest independent, not-for-profit health care consulting organizations dedicated to optimizing the quality of health care programs and the value of dollars spent on health care. In order to participate in the survey, you will need to provide your Name, Email Address, Zip Code of your NJ medical office address, NPI Number, Medical Specialty, and your primary admitting hospital. After a recent review of user-feedback, Castle Connolly has recreated the survey for Jersey's Best 2024 Top Hospitals feature to allow for physicians to submit their entries via manual, typed submission. This change was made to ensure an accurate representation of voters' choices and does not require a set number of hospitals to be ranked for each category. Physicians can now manually type in the ranking and corresponding hospital name for each category. Note: there is no requirement for a set number of nominations to submit for each category. Physicians are encouraged to nominate only the hospitals they feel are deserving of recognition for the corresponding categories.

Vote now through Sunday, Dec. 10, 2023 at 11:59:59pm

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