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Patient ID Easy as 1 2 3

New Policy Will Go Into Effect February 14, 2022 Across HMH

Patient identification is a perennial top 10 patient safety concern throughout health care. The failure to correctly identify a patient can result in wrong person procedures, as well as medication, transfusion and testing errors. As a high reliability organization focused on patient safety, Hackensack Meridian Health will standardize the process of patient identification across the network beginning February 14, 2022. By implementing this evidence-based best practice, and engaging our patients, we will eliminate variation, decrease the opportunity for harm, and provide our team members with a reliable, consistent and safe way to identify our patients. 

Beginning February 14, 2022, patient identification will include:

1. Patient’s full name

2. Patient’s date of birth

3. Last three digits of the medical record number. 

Patient ID - easy as 1, 2, 3. Learn more by clicking here. 

In addition, to help us assess current practice strengths and gaps related to patient identification, please complete this anonymous patient identification practice check

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