Spotlight on Security Physician Education   
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Spotlight on Security Physician Education

What You Need To Know

  • Violence against hospital employees is on the rise, according to the American Hospital Association.
  • We are committed to providing a safe work environment.
  • HMH Security Services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure the safety and security of our team members, patients, visitors and guests.
  • If you ever feel unsafe, contact Security for an escort into or out of the hospital. After notifying Security Services, be sure to enter a OneLink. OneLinks should be entered following any incident of workplace violence, or potential harm or risk.
  • Employees must wear an ID badge at all times. Position it above the waist, without anything covering or enclosing it.

If You See Something, Say Something  

It is important to maintain situational awareness and report any suspicious activity immediately. Clinicians and team members should report all observed aggressive and suspicious behaviors to security immediately. If you see something, say something. Workplace Violence is an act or threat occurring at the workplace that can include any of the following: verbal, written, or physical aggression; threatening, intimidating, harassing, or humiliating words or actions; bullying; sabotage; sexual harassment; or physical assaults involving staff, licensed practitioners, patients, or visitors.

In The Event of an Emergency

Contact the hospital operator at ext. 7777 to initiate the notification process for the specific emergency. This call will prompt an overhead page and a rapid security response. When calling the operator:
  • Use plain language;
  • Name the category of alert: Facility Alert, Security Alert, Medical Alert;
  • Repeat the request with the location three times.
  • Security Alert (category of alert) + Civil Disturbance (type of emergency) + Ackerman 3 East (Location)
  • Security Alert + Civil Disturbance + Ackerman 3 East
  • Security Alert + Civil Disturbance + Ackerman 3 East

Active Shooter/Threat Awareness Response Information

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